Columnist: Avoid burying your head in the sands of digital time

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It has been brought to my attention recently that although I try and embrace ‘the new’ – be it opportunities, experiences ... people, the same cannot be said for my attitude towards new technologies.

I am by no means a dinosaur when it comes to the glitter of the modern age – I understand, and cherish the ease of communication, ease of life brought about by the tendrils of automation that now fuel our everyday interactions.

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But a much more technologically experienced interloper has pointed out how remiss I’ve become at seizing, and understanding, the more fun, newfangled additions to the constantly developing digital world.

Apps and the like, that although not essential to daily life or work life, do enhance both.

Whether you care to admit it or not.

Continuously evolving, keeping up with the pace can seem like an impossible task – but I urge perseverance.

With a little bit of gentle nudging and an encouraging word or two, I have not only embraced a few of these ‘newer’ digital tools but become fully submerged in what they are and how I can squeeze them into my life and the storage space I have left on my phone.

As reporters we constantly assess how best to get content across to our readers and with an ever increasing number of apps aimed at disseminating information, I have chalked my renewed enthusiasms up to professional research.

Despite the fact, I must be one of the few under-30s who was unaware of Apple Music, I refuse to be someone who is not open to advancement purely for stubbornness’ sake.

We berate those of the older generation for not having a grip of what we perceive to be the most basic of modern skills, so before you bury your head too far in the sands of digital time, take a little time to see what it’s all about.