Columnist: Bridge signs ignored by all ...

No-one paid attention to the cycle sign on walkway at Forth Road Bridge
No-one paid attention to the cycle sign on walkway at Forth Road Bridge

Enjoyed a fab walk across both sides of the Forth Road Bridge on Sunday.

The views were stunning, although I have to say the new crossing will never match the sheer engineering majesty of the rail bridge.

The paths were also busy with walkers and cyclists.

Interesting to note the were two or three areas under repair protected by barriers.

Each one had clear notices with the statement ‘‘cyclists must dismount.’’

Not one of them did.

Can’t believe this is my 29th season covering Fife Flyers.

I first sat in the press box in ‘87 when guys like Steve Moria, Fred Perlini and Al Sims were the stars of the team.

While I still have the occasional gripe about the facilities, Fife remains one of the very few rinks which actually caters for the media.

The rest just stick you in the crowd where you’re meant to juggle a notebook, programme, laptop, smartphone and coffee every time someone wants in or out of the row. Hopeless!

Looking forward to Kirkcaldy Film Festival starting next week.

The FFP has been the media partner since the event was launched, and it’s been fun to see how it has developed.

I’m still mulling over which movies to catch – The BFG is on my ‘must see’ list and the idea of seeing ‘Carry On Screaming’ on the big screen certainly appeals!Not sure about the fancy dress though!

I went to see a sing-a-long Sound Of Music during the Fringe, and found myself close to a few nuns. It was also interactive – afraid I missed my cues what to wave, shout or sing throughout the screening!