Columnist: Buzz of Fringe is done for another year

Ticket stubs from Edinburgh fringe
Ticket stubs from Edinburgh fringe

So, the Fringe is over for another year.

I’m now sweeping up almost three weeks worth of ticket stubs after clocking up something like 50 shows.

The original ‘must see’ list quickly grew in length, and there are a fair few we just couldn’t factor into our schedules.

I love the buzz of the city during the Fringe – it comes to life around the clock.

Only at the Fringe could you read part of the Chilcot Inquiry aloud in a shed and then find yourself at Alan Cummings’ brilliant after-show party which rolled on until after 3am.

It was a bit of a busman’s holiday as I was doing some reviews as well – there are tougher ways to earn a crust, and it was kinda neat to see our five-star verdict on Colin Cloud’s mind-boggling show added to his gigantic billboards

While the big names were all in town, the joy of the Fringe, for me at least, is finding something different.

Watching Last Dreams through a headset made the stories of life changing journeys – those of Yuri Gagarin going into space, and refugees trying to cross the ocean in an inflatable boat – utterly compelling.

Glasgow Girls, directed by Fife’s very own Cora Bissett was powerful, while the stand-up comedy in Randy Writes A Novel was so sharp you forgot it was being delivered by a purple-headed puppet!

And the ‘get involved’ ethos of the Fringe even saw me end up with my face painted at the National Museum’s late night event. Out go the kids, in come umpteen performers, and you get to roam around the place with a drink in your hand.

And that includes face painters ... so cue my one and only Bowie look! I’m still picking the glitter off the floor!