Columnist: Kings of Top of the Pops still going strong

If you enjoy it, then it's good, says Allan
If you enjoy it, then it's good, says Allan

Last Friday took me to the Alhambra to see Showaddywaddy.

Yup, the kings of Top Of The Pops circa 1974 are still going strong. Who’d have thought!

Three years ago they played a wee belter of a gig at Rothes Halls. Sold the place out - and it was great fun. Nothing more, nothing less.

Sure, it was cheesy, and yes the chin-stroking musos wouldn’t be overly taxed scrutinising the lyrics for hidden meaning, but that’s the pleasure of live music - if you enjoy it then it’s good. It matters not a jot what anyone else thinks.

In the 70s, bands like Shoddywoddy, Mud and Slade were my heroes, until I hit my teens, grew my hair long and discovered Jethro Tull, Deep Purple and Pink Floyd.

I grew up on K-Tel records, DLT on TOTP, and bought all and those cheap compilation albums recorded by sound-a-likes that Woolies sold for 49p.

Back then, Bowie, to me, meant ‘The Laughing Gnome’ rather than ‘Space Oddity.’ I was nine. Don’t judge me.

Much of the music is horrendously dated, but there are still remnants of the 70s touring and providing nights out soaked in nostalgia and bottles of Blue Wkd. The Rubettes and Lulu are coming to Rothes Halls , and the Bay City Rollers have reformed amid a sea of ridiculous hype.

The 80s ‘ revival circuit has spawned a monster in the Rewind festivals - it’s on my ‘to do’ list next to the hipper Glastonbury (sorry, Glasto), and there’s even a 90s reunion underway as well.

What goes round eventually comes back round in music.

It may well be money driven, but it also sparks memories - and they’re priceless.

So, take a bow Showaddwaddy for making it Saturday night, circa 1974, again for one night. Braw stuff!