Columnist: Let the games begin in the political gladiator ring

Maggie Millar gets excited about the Brexit...
Maggie Millar gets excited about the Brexit...

Call it schadenfreude if you like, but I’m sure I’m not alone in getting excited when the big-gun politicians sharpen their swords and get ready to jump into the gladiatorial ring.

When Cameron returned to the UK at the weekend and announced the EU referendum I thought ‘let the games begin’ and, sure enough, we had everyone staking their positions, pinning their flags to the mast and warning of a doom-laden future ahead for us all if we didn’t vote ‘X’ come June 23.

First came shock when Nigel Farage unveiled George Galloway as his Brexit team-mate - a move so unexpected people walked out of the meeting.

That was followed swiftly by Sturgeon who, naturally, thinks a vote to leave Europe would bring about another independence referendum because Scots want to stay.

But, really, do they? I’ve spoken to many who would wave cheery-bye to Brussels tomorrow given half a chance (and probably bare their back ends in the process.)

Then Boris Johnson throws his hat in the ring, and it gets really serious because listed among his reasons for leaving Europe is this: Eurocrats have placed a ban on vacuum cleaners more powerful than 900w.

How dare they! It’s an assault on all that Britain stands for, sorry, on. What? Clean carpets, of course.

Even better, Boris’ dad gets on national radio on Monday morning to say his son’s latest position has “nothing to do with advancing his career”.

Meanwhile, Cameron is on the verge of apoplexy at the prospect of Boris becoming buddies with Farage and Galloway. Pass him the smelling salts, will you?

Exciting times ahead people...