Columnist: Olympic daft

It's been all things Olympic for me this week.

Sunday, 14th August 2016, 9:00 am
Usain Bolt after the medal cermony. Pic Ian Rutherford

Must start though by saying I was disappointed by the opening ceremony. I know the Brazilians are strapped for cash and they made a point of saying they would only spend a fraction of what we did at London 2012 but, despite that, it started off well with square sheets of tin foil and the ‘beginnings of civilization’ projected onto the floor. After an hour though it became, well, boring.

One commentator said the organisers had tried to steer clear of a stereotypical Rio carnival but that’s precisely what they should have recreated in the stadium.

Rio pull off the carnival in spectacular style year in, year out, the props are there, the costumes are there. Add some whizzybangfireworks, some music and cracking light effects and Bob’s your uncle.

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Instead we got a corporate ‘right on’ keep the planet green theme.

Nice flame though...

I’ve managed to watch some of the sporting action this week - at least the bits which the whole family deem ‘not boring’. The only discipline to have passed the democratic litmus test so far has been synchronised diving.

The kids have been mesmerised by the competitors’ bravery at such heights, the other half thinks the judges are too cruel and I wonder what possible technical advantage there is for the men to wear the skimpiest trunks imaginable. Not that I’m complaining.

For me though track and field next week will be the big draw, especially Usain Bolt who promises he’ll give his best for his last Olympics. I’m sure he’ll leave them all standing.

Opening ceremony or not, the Olympics is already the greatest show on earth.