Columnist: On stage with a mind reader... what could go wrong?

Colin CloudColin Cloud
Colin Cloud
Saturday night and I'm on stage with Colin Cloud '“ and then he sends me running through the streets of Edinburgh praying I haven't caused him to come to any harm.

You may have seen him on ‘This Morning’ or Michael McIntyre’s show – he’s a spookily talented forensic mind reader.

His 2015 Fringe show was mesmerising – he sat blindfold and motionless as we filed in, leaving us wondering if he was psyching us out of if it was just pure theatre.

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He’s back with a new show called ‘Expose’ in which he invites you to submit a memory or anecdote along with some very basic personal info ... but warns you not to think of anything you don’t want the rest of the room to know!

It’s an incredible hour, packed with moments where you cannot help but wonder how he knew what you’d written down and put in that wee box on stage which has remained locked and untouched in full view of you.

I ended up on stage for the finale which also meant leaving the show and legging it to an address he then had to find.

All he knew was it was within a ten minute walk of the venue in central Edinburgh – that’s still a large area filled with many side streets.

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Standing on other side of the stage there was no way he saw the card I picked at random.

Oh, and did I mention I had the antidote to an injection he’d give himself live on stage? When an ambulance flew past as I legged it along Nicholson Street, I had a wee panic!

I’ve no idea how he tracked me down – I even took a different route to him! – but it was a thrilling finale to a show that made your jaw drop repeatedly. I’m just glad I didn’t kill him off on his first night!

Go see him!

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