Comment: Sign off seven-point parking plan and get Kirkcaldy town centre moving

Parking charges in Kirkcaldy town centre have been the subject of more reports and consultations over the years than just about any other subject.

By Fife Free Press Comment
Friday, 20th August 2021, 2:50 pm

If all the council reports were laid end to end, they’d stretch the length of the pedestrianised zone.

Next week, councillors will study a new seven-point plan that feels practical and simple.

Establishing a permanent control outside the old Burtons shop is common sense to stop the chancers who still use it as a shortcut with little regard for the safety of shoppers.

Parking charges could change for Kirkcaldy town centre

Diverting all traffic down Tolbooth Street does two things at a stroke - it blocks the rat run through the zone, and creates a plaza which can be given over to people and businesses to make the most of.

The town centre is an asset - one we have to continuously nurture.

Scrapping charges at the little used Coal Wynd car parks is simply common sense and won’t impact hugely on transportation budgets - so often the rock upon which all proposals are crushed.

A standard day charge makes sense too - and £2 is, in all honesty, as cheap as you will find in any town across Scotland.

Long term, the town has to get rid of those hideous multi-storey car parks on the Esplanade.

They are unloved, unwanted and taking up space which could be developed in so many positive ways.

The next steps? Sign off the plan, and bring the reports back with a sense of urgency to finally start making inroads on problems we have danced around for far too long.

> This editorial comment appeared in the Fife Free Press on August 19