Comment: Simple steps to tackle seagull menace across Fife

It seems everyone has a story to tell about falling victim to the town’s seagulls.

By Allan Crow
Thursday, 12th August 2021, 8:18 am
Pic: John Devlin
Pic: John Devlin

From the screeching through the night to being swooped on, food stolen from out of hands, and the aggressive protection of their young, we’ve seen them at their worst.

Many initiatives have been tried over the years, all with limited success.

Seagulls are part of living in a coastal town, so there is only so much that can be done to curb the problem.

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We may look to Fife Council to do more, but the single biggest change we can effect lies in our own hands.

And it’s this - stop feeding the gulls, and put our rubbish out securely.

How often have we seen people scatter bread and scraps on a pavement and watched as gulls swoop?

Litter wonder they see people carrying food as easy targets.

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And how often have we tip-toed through the debris from bin bags torn to shreds?In both cases, the problem is human, not avian.

Put your rubbish in a bin.

If it’s full, take it home and dispose of it properly, don’t throw crumbs all over the pavement, and stop feeding the gulls as if they were favourite pets.

Simple steps we can all take, starting now.

They won’t completely eradicate the problems caused by the gulls, but they will help - and they’ll make the town look tidier too.

Sometimes we need to take a little responsibility for our own actions, and make a difference that benefits everyone.

This week’s editorial comment from the Fife Free Press