Elton John, Rolling Stones and The Eagles - one stage, three gigs, a lifetime of memories

The older you get the more it means.

Tuesday, 28th June 2022, 9:47 pm

The words were uttered by Bruce Springsteen as he began another encore, this time in Dublin as he reflected on 50 years in the business.

It was pre-lockdown when epic live gigs shaped the summer calendars.

Fast forward to Sunday night at Glastonbury and there was Springsteen aged 72, duetting with Paul McCartney, who, at 80, became the oldest ever headliner at the festival.

: Elton John performs on stage at Hyde Park (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

It made for a smashing bit of telly just as we rolled in from Hyde Park after watching The Eagles mark 50 years on the road with those glorious harmonies showcased by the most beautiful of sunsets.

It was our third gig in three nights - Elton John on Friday and the Rolling Stones on Saturday.

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Old Reg is 75 and still hammers out thumping tunes on the ole joanna, while watching Mick Jagger sprint down the runway into the crowd made a mockery of the fact he’s 78 and not 48.

The Rolling Stones on stage at Anfield, Liverpool before playing at Hyde Park (Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images)

Mick’s two years younger than my mum for heaven’’s sake, and here he was sounding better than ever and powering his way through a set which simply underlined - as if any underlining was required - that the Stones are the greatest rock ‘n’; roll band ever.

Every night we got two-hour plus sets from guys who laughed in the face of old age and redefined the notion of taking things easy.

They were all masters of their craft, and playing with a zest that was utterly captivating. Keith Richards was also dressed like Doc from Back To The Future, which is exactly how I intend to roll when I hit that retirement home.

The crowds - 65,000 strong each night - basked in the music and drank in every moment. As the Stones once sang, this could be the last time.

And yet, it never felt like a final goodbye.

True, Elton is on a mammoth farewell tour - and he looked like a man who has had hip surgery as he shuffled to the front of the stage - while The Eagles said adieu just in case they didn’t pass through these parts again.

Jagger and co? Well, I wouldn’t bet against a 65th anniversary tour.

Springsteen is due here next summer and, I suspect, it may be the finale as far as his own epic three-hour plus endurance gigs go.

Looking at the demographic of the crowds, Saga really missed a trick not sponsoring the entire weekend.

This was the soundtrack to old age - and it was utterly, utterly magnificent.

There was a guy wandering round Hyde Park with a t-shirt which read “I may be old, but I got to see the great bands play live.” Amen to that brother.

And while that era - and I’m talkin’ bout my generation here - may be in its twilight, the songs still resonate, and gigs still create magic memories that will burn bright long after the final bows.

As Joe Walsh said I’m having more fun in my 70s in the 20s, than I did in my 20s IN the 70s.Okay be said it the other way round at Murrayfield, but we caught his drift.

The older you get, the more it means. To them. And us.