Comment: 2018 must be the year of delivery for Kirkcaldy

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It’s taken four long years, but, at last, there is work going on at Kirkcaldy’s abandoned old swimming pool.

The installation of scaffolding and safety fences is the first sign of activity that this town has bene waiting on since the doors closed and the building was sold to the owners of the Mercat Shopping centre for just £1.

It is a reasonable assumption that all of this work is prelude to the building being flattened and, hopefully, turned into the multiplex cinema that is one of the biggest keys to regenerating our centre.

But it is just one significant component of a much bigger picture.

The activity at the old bus depot is encouraging – another eyesore that has to be removed from the waterfront.

The sale of BhS means, hopefully, a new tenant in 2018 to fill that huge gap site in the very heart of the pedestrianised zone.

The work to cut the dual carriageway Esplanade to single road is well advanced.

And the Kings Theatre continues to push ahead with its ambitious plans with the backing of many key players across the town.

The pieces of the jigsaw are, slowly, falling into place.

The town has exercised the patience of a saint waiting to see them get this far – 2018 must be the year they are delivered.

Nothing else is acceptable.

Kirkcaldy has been pretty woefully served at times over the decades.

We’re stuck with the mistakes and short-sightedness of past decisions.

But we can avoid repeating them moving forward.

The blueprint, Time For Action, set out the vision and, five years on, the pieces are starting to fall into place.

It will take a few more years yet before everything is in place, but there is a clear will to improve our town centre – and a commitment to see it through.

In 2018 we expect to see clear, tangible progress.