Comment: Stay safe and help everyone this Christmas

It may not be beginning to feel quite like Christmas just yet - but plans to bring some sparkle to the festive of season are underway.

It’s more important than ever to find reasons to celebrate this December after the darkest, toughest of years.

The limited interaction sanctioned between families and households will be something of a ‘heart in mouth’ moment as we try to meet up, but, all the while, stay worried it may lead to a re-ignition in positive COVID cases early in 2021.

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As much as we want to - even, need to - meet, what we really want for Christmas is an end to lockdown restrictions and the scent of normality returning in 2021.

All of that is entirely within our own hands.

If we’re careful and follow the restrictions then hopefully we will emerge into the new year with the one thing that has been lacking for so long. Hope.

But if people put themselves first, act recklessly and flout every single guideline then we will all suffer.

So much of our traditional festive season - panto, office parties, lights switch on, carol services and so on - has already been lost.

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It will all return once more in 2021, but, this year, so much will be online and virtual.

It isn’t for everyone - the day we all log off from the online hangouts cannot come soon enough - , and it in no way replaces the joy of being with loved ones.

But it is there to offer precious contact and bring some light into our lives. Let us all make the most of it.