Creolle Belle by James Lee Burke

Creolle Belle
Creolle Belle
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Recommended by Allan Crow

You could read this as a stand alone novel, but as it is the 19th in Burke’s magnificent series featuring cops Dave Robicheaux and Clete Purcell my advice is simple. Start at book one and follow their fascinating and brutally damaged lives from ‘Nam to New Orleans.

The cop-as-a-flawed-character isn’t new, but Burke infuses it with a homage to the Big Easy.

His plot is multi-layered and his characters are all superbly drawn as Burke takes Robicheaux and Purcell into a truly evil world with throwbacks to the Nazi era.

A young girl with a troubled past has disappeared, leaving behind an Ipod with haunting music.

She gets under the skin of Robicheaux, while his partner is dealing with the arrival of his estranged daughter whose own upbriinging has been fraught with trouble.

Their journey is dark and dangerous as they uncover death and torture on a horrific scale, all of it on their own doorstep.

A compelling read... and it ends with a preview of book 20. Can’t wait.