Days of Northern Soul gone by ...

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Take Note - with John Murray

Rain River Sea (Killing Moon) is the debut album from Malpas and follows a promising single Under Her Sails. 
It’s the first release for producer Andy Savours, known for his work with Sigur Ros and My Bloody Valentine but now an artist along with Ali Forbes. 
They blend folk with electronic with gentle persuasion on tracks like Us Afloat but go wild with themes and psychedelia on Promise a real powerful tour-de-force. 
Recorded in a Birmingham attic the duo have been out testing their work at festivals and now plan more UK dates. 
From the excellent revival policy from Kent Records Northern Soul’s Classiest Rarities has now reached Vol 5. 
The ballrooms and dives that celebrated the soul rarities may themselves be rare these days but the music continues to fascinate and excite.

Fife had its own share of all nighters too and local clubs would run buses south of the Forth to others and even venture to the north of England where the genre was legendary.

All of the 24 tracks are rare, collectible and in some cases unissued from artist like The Volumes, Jesse Cowan and even Big Joe Turner.