Double gig is twice as nice

Paul McCabe
Paul McCabe

By Paul McCabe

“What’s this?!” asks Mrs M, turning over the calendar in the kitchen and revealing August in all its rain-soaked glory for the first time.

You’re going to see the same band twice in the same week?!”

There’s a rule in our house if you’re going out it has to go on the calendar.

First to the calendar wins (to any young people reading this thinking “Ha! I go out when I want, grandad”, one day you’ll have kids and this will happen to you too, smart guy).

“Yeah, what’s wrong with that?” I asked back in response. If in doubt answer a question with a question.

“Why would you go and see the same gig twice?!”

“Because it’s not the same gig.”

“Yes it is. It’s the same band playing the same songs. You’re such a nerd.”

“Firstly, it’s two different gigs on different nights in different cities (I’ve adopted a tone of superiority at this point), so you can’t count that as the same gig, can you? And secondly, they’re not playing the same songs every night.”

“How do you know?”

“Because I’ve checked their setlists out on a website.”

Admittedly Mrs M’s “nerd” accusation is looking pretty strong at this point. Following it up though is the question I’ve been expecting.

“How much did this cost to go and see the same band twice?”

I fudge the response, rest assuring they were paid for ages ago and begin to reel off a list of other bands I’ve seen twice on the same tour, in an attempt to normalise my current position: “Julian Cope 1993, The Wonder Stuff 1989, Julian Cope again, Edinburgh Festi...”

Mrs M has left the kitchen.

FFS, Edinburgh, August 24 and Glasgow, August 26. See you there, fellow nerds.