Recommended by Paul McCabe

This is the second big screen outing for the 2000AD comic book character and it’s a vast improvement on the disappointing 90s effort from Sylvester Stallone.

Keeping the helmet firmly on as this time is Karl Urban as Judge Dredd whom in Mega City One where crime is rife, has the power of judge, jury and instant executioner.

Dredd and his rookie companion are sent out to stop a gang spreading a deadly new drug called SLO-MO, but they find themselves trapped in the complex ruled by the criminals. So the two judges have to fight for their lives and try to catch the ruthless gang leader, called Ma-Ma.

The action sequences are superb throughout, particularly impressive are the SLO-MO scenes - especially in 3D.

Be warned, it’s quite violent, but if you like action films then this is definitely for you.

Talk is now of two possible sequels, which will be a real treat if they can keep to this same high standard.