Dutch Mill days recalled

Love the '80s
Love the '80s
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John Murray on the music that defined a decade in town ...

Many would argue about the fab 1960s, some of the glam addicts and later the rebels who followed punk would favour the 1970s but the emergence of 80s music in dance and electro with vinyl at its peak might have fans that would wipe away the claims of best music decade.

A certain generation will see this as ‘just yesterday’ but most are parents now with music tastes that finished even before Top Of The Pops stopped becoming essential Thursday television.

So how was music then? Well as the 1980s dawned the post Saturday Night Fever effect meant that every pub had a disco.

For me that meant four nights in the long lamented Dutch Mill, Kirkcaldy plus resident rock nights in the Cuinzie Neuk Kinghorn, Apollo lounge at Rothes Arms Hotel in Glenrothes, guest spots in Forth Motel, Abbotshall and Birksgate Hotel, Northern Soul all nighters in the YMCA Glenrothes, weekly club nights in Rhythms (Leslie) and oldies on Saturdays in the White Heather where we played upstairs in the fireplace.

Vinyl records only of course and the growth of the 12” disc reflected this.

This week Extended 80s (USMTV), celebrates those days on a 3 CD set. Complete 12” versions of Relax, Don’t You Want Me, Girls On Film, Sledgehammer, Poison Arrow, Atomic, Fade To Grey and the rare Tainted Love smash chart topper from Soft Cell.

The extended mix was not restricted to dance acts though as The Cure, Echo & The Bunnymen, Psychedelic Furs all did well here and Scritti Politti and 808 State found their niche.

I have yet to convert the old records digitally even if I could find anything from my crates of nostalgia.

Luckily former commercial DJ Jim Miller presents A Kick Up The 80’s Wednesday nights from 6pm locally on K107 FM and online k107.co.uk.