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The Girl Who Played With Fire

Recommended by Allan Crow

STIEG LARSSON’S trilogy of books are fantastic. The good news is the film adaptations are utterly faithful and every bit as compelling. Even the subtitles and Swedish language are no barriers.

This is the second in the series - starting with ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - and has Lisbeth Salander returning from a sabbatical only to be framed for a double murder she didn’t commit.

Once again those who held her captive as a child are closing in on her, and the manner in which she fights back is pretty impressive while, at the same time, trying to solve a brutal crime.

Every single component of Larsson’s book is reproduced here - few novels make the transition to the big screen, but the team behind this one deserve every credit under the sun.

Watch ‘em back to back for the full Salander experience, and then go read ‘em all one more time.

And there’s still part three to come!