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The Blind Side
The Blind Side
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The Blind Side

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Fiona Purnell

THIS is a heartwarming story, based on a true tale, of a young man who had a tough upbringing but goes on to enjoy success as an NFL player.

The film follows Michael Oher, played by Quinton Aaron, a homeless African American teenager who is taken in by a well to do white family.

We see him grow as a person as the mother (Sandra Bullock) pushes him and encourages him and he eventually wins an American football scholarship to the University of Mississippi.

Bullock’s performance as mother Leigh Anne Touhy is outstanding and the Oscar she won for the role was well deserved.

It is definitely one of her better performances.

This film is charming, inspiring and a word of warning, a potential tearjerker, although it seems to strike the right balance of humour and emotion.

American Football clearly plays a part in this film, but speaking as someone who doesn’t really understand it, it’s not necessary to be a fan of the sport, or know much about it, to enjoy The Blind Side.

This film is about so much more than the sport.