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Adjustment Bureau

Recommended by Fiona Purnell

THIS film wasn’t entirely what I was expecting when I picked it up off the shelf - I’m not sure what I was expecting - but that didn’t matter as it was a good watch anyway.

Matt Damon is David Norris, a congressman in the midst of an election to become senator.

But his plans are thrown off course when he meets dancer, Elise, played by Emily Blunt.

The pair hit it off, with Damon falling for her straight away, and while he’s keen to pursue her, there are others who are out to stop them from meeting again.

The ‘Bureau’ will do whatever it takes to ensure everyone’s lives stay on track.

There is no opportunity for them to deviate from ‘the plan’.

Damon and Blunt are excellent in their respective roles and the chemistry between them is very believable.

Although the concept may seem bizarre at first, this film certainly leaves you with something to think about... fate, free will and the choices we make.

It’s a fantastic romantic thriller, along similar lines to ‘Inception’, and is definitely well worth a watch.