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The Life of Pi - Recommended by Maggie Millar

This supposedly ‘unfilmable’ book has finally been brought to screen by director Ang Lee - and it’s a feast to the senses.

In essence the story doesn’t sound too promising.

A shipwreck leaves a boy (Pi) and a tiger adrift at sea - and this scene of them warily co-existing on a tiny lifeboat takes up over an hour of the film.

But don’t let that, or the fact that the tiger is completely created through CGI, put you off because somehow the film is magic and draws you in.

Caught between sea and sky, Pi’s journey takes in thunderous tempests and mysterious islands, while all the time trying to survive the attentions of a rather hungry carnivore.

Needless to say, the movie encompasses a religious/new age element as the boy’s fate is determi ned by divine forces - but, again, this is filmed with such panache, it never comes across as cheese.

Definitely a movie to be seen this summer.