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Arbitrage - Recommended by Paul Cardwell

Robert Miller (Richard Gere) is a New York hedge-fund magnate who, with money, a wife, a daughter and a mistress, appears to have it all.

However, behind the facade of his mansion and suave character he is running out of time trying to unload his crippled trading business before his frauds are uncovered.

A suspense-packed thriller ‘Arbitrage’ stars Susan Sarandon as Miller’s wife, and Tim Roth as the detective who starts to unravel the truth. That becomes easier when Miller makes one deadly error throwing everything up in to the air. As the line blurs between what is right and wrong Miller is driven to desperate measure to protect the only thing more precious than his money - his family.

Not the most original of storylines but that can be forgiven thanks to excellent writing by writer/director Jarecki who was making his first full-length feature film and a virtuoso performance from Gere.