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In the House
In the House
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In the House - Recommended by Maggie Millar

French director Francois Ozon is probably best known by UK audiences when he uses British actors - for example Charlotte Rampling in the ‘The Swimming Pool’ – and here he is again, this time showcasing the sophisticated talent of Kristen Scott Thomas.

She plays the wife of a literature teacher who becomes embroiled in the fantasy world of suave teenage manipulator Claude (Ernest Umhauer) whose poison pen insinuates him into the home of his schoolmate Rapha Artole (Bastien Ughetto) and his bourgeois parents.

Although not a laugh-out-loud film, the mildly dark humour of ‘In the House’ comes as Claude exposes the painfully pretentious aspirations of Rapha’s failed novelist dad and his beautiful mum, a gallery owner who sells terrible art.

It does become a tad complicated and a bit ‘story within a story’, but those who fancy skipping the big summer blockbuster action movies in favour of something a little more reflective could give this a try.