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A Good Day To Die Hard
A Good Day To Die Hard
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A Good Day to Die Hard - Recommended by Gordon Holmes

Bruce Willis dusts off the white vest (or more accurately, a white t-shirt this time) as John McLane returns to the big screen for the fifth film in the franchise. Some 25 years have passed since the original ‘Die Hard’ but the cop still seems to have the knack of being in the wrong place at the wrong time as far as trouble is concerned.

This time round he is in Russia on the trail of his seemingly wayward son who has been arrested, but unknown to John, Jack is an undercover CIA operative. Father and son are not close (the reasons for which are never explored) but eventually they realise they will need to team up to fight the underworld forces threatening to steal plutonium from the abandoned Chernobyl plant.

As you would expect, this is all about the action scenes, many of which are very impressive, if a little unlikely at times, and Willis still passes muster as an action hero. The story has so many twists it does tie itself in knots but the plot is really just the filler before the next big explosion!