DVD Choice: Wimbledon Official 2013 Men’s Final

Andy Murray
Andy Murray

Relive the nation’s finest sporting moment since ... well ever.

On July 7 Andy Murray defeated Novak Djokovic to become Wimbledon Men’s Champion - the first Brit to do so since Fred Perry in 1936.

This, nearly four hour long, two-disc feature has all the action from the big match, from the moment the players stepped out on Centre Court up to the presentation and speeches at the end.

Now chances are you know the ending but don’t let that put you off reliving the glory as this time you will be able to bask in Murray’s brilliant tennis without that nagging fear deep in your stomach that he might just mess up an lose it all.

The only thing missing - that would have made this an ‘ace’ DVD - is any extras.

It would have been good to hear Andy Murray himself talk over some rallies or see interviews with his family and friends about how they were feeling but sadly there are absolutely none.