DVD choice with Fiona Purnell

Films such as Avatar have helped advance technology in cinema
Films such as Avatar have helped advance technology in cinema


Recommended by Fiona Purnell

So I may be a little behind the times, having not gone to see this in the cinema when it was first released, but I have to say I originally wasn’t sold on the whole idea of the film.

However, now I’ve seen it, I can agree that this is a terrific film and although I missed out on the silver screen experience, the effects still looked pretty good on my 32” telly.

Set in the mid 22nd century on the planet of Pandora, James Cameron’s sci-fi production sees humans inhabiting the planet to mine for unobtanium which lies below its surface.

The expansion of the mining colony threatens the native tribe (Na’vi).

Researchers have created ‘avatars’ - human consciousness in alien bodies - to allow them to interact with the natives, and while he is an avatar, ex Marine Jake finds himself torn between two worlds and wondering what to do that is right.

Like some of Cameron’s other films (er Titanic springs to mind) this is rather lengthy, going on for almost three hours, but I have to say I didn’t feel it dragged.

The action kept me hooked, although I must admit the pause button on the remote came in handy for the odd refreshment and toilet break.