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Friends With Benefits

Recommended by Tanya Scoon

NEVER having been a fan of the overgrown schoolboy Justin Timberlake, I was sceptical as to the attraction of Friends With Benefits, but was coerced into watching it by my daughter who assured me it was worth a look. In fact this is a very entertaining rom com which highlights the vulnerability that comes with being human!

Dylan and Jamie become best buds after she headhunts him into taking a job in New York and leaving his beloved Los Angeles.

They develop a close relationship but resolve to stay just good friends despite jumping into each other’s beds at any given opportunity – hence the title. Naturally things don’t go as planned as their feelings develop, and in that respect, the story is a fairly predictable one.

However the on screen chemistry between Timberlake and the beautiful and quirky Mila Kunis really works, making the plot believeable, and a great supporting cast featuring the wonderfully versatile Woody Harrelson build on the great comedy elements of this film, which also touches on other aspects of the human condition, including dementia.