Easy for you to say ...

Gordon Holmes
Gordon Holmes

By Gordon Holmes

The prospect of doing a best man speech at my brother’s wedding was so far outside my comfort zone that I was worried I might never find my way back.

I just don’t do speaking in front of a lot of people - I barely do speaking in front of one or two people - so the weeks leading up to the wedding were a mixture of trepidation and panic, not so much the writing of the speech, but having to deliver it to a room full of familiar faces, with all eyes on me.

But duty to my brother was more important than my fears and you know what, the day itself was so busy and relaxed that I wasn’t the slightest bit worried and got through it without a moment of panic.

Mind you, I have told him that he better not get married again because there is no way I’m doing that again!

Sporting chance: Well done to all the athletes taking part in the Commonwealth Games, it’s a great achievement to be involved in an event such as that, and while it may not be the top level of competition, it still takes a lot of time and effort to win medals.

I admit I’ve not watched much of it, many of the sports are probably great to take part in but don’t really lend themselves to spectating - the likes of judo or wrestling are very technical, while I’m not sure what the people watching the shooting are actually looking at, the targets are so tiny. And as for ‘running around in a box trying to avoid each other’, sometime called squash, well...

But if the Games do nothing more than encourage more kids to get out and take up a sport, then that, for me, will have made them worthwhile, more than the number of medals Team Scotland won.

1, 2, 3... One thing about the Games that does irk me is the constant use of the phrase ‘once in a lifetime’ event. Seeing as the Games have already been held three times in Scotland in my lifetime (and I’m only in my 40s), that’s no really true is it..?

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