Engaging voice of Natalie Prass

Natalie Prass
Natalie Prass

Take Note with John Murray

The debut self titled album from Natalie Prass (Soundbomb) did not go unnoticed with high praise from the music mags and press with their preview copies.

Already a decade in the business she had her album around for two years before release, and she is still only 29.

Fabulously lush with brass and strings her innocent yet engaging voice brings colour to her own songs like My Baby Don’t Understand Me or soaring to new directions on Christy.

Refreshingly new, she talks her way through Reprise before It Is You teases with a vintage sound of a long lost sepia movie.

With every pound a prisoner these days for struggling artists, many are turning towards web-based fundraising to allow recording projects to become realised.

This month UK singer Sasha McVeigh dreams no more.

Signed to the biggest booking agency based in Nashville, six US main stage festivals booked for this summer and her debut album ready for release next month called I Stand Alone (Hot Stuff), it could hardly get better.

Mr Brown Eyes oozes all the charm of your favourite Country song, Someone To Break My Heart is written meaningfully from within and Crooked Road shows her ballad style with harmony vocals and country fiddle setting it off.