Entry to City portrayed as film preview

Jacqueline Thomson
Jacqueline Thomson

Over the past months, I have enjoyed viewing at the cinema ‘Sunshine on Leith’ and ‘Lego City’.

You may be assuming by now that, with my choice of viewing these films, I obviously love the area set in the north to our capital city and have a keen interest in Lego construction.

You would be correct in one of these assumptions at least, as I do indeed enjoy visits to the city of Edinburgh, and therefore the preview of the film ‘Sunshine on Leith’ did attract me to go and watch the film.

But my Lego building days are well over. This, however, is the pastime of my grandson and, as he wanted to go and see this film, I accompanied him.

Both of us felt compelled to visit the cinema. The preview trailers had attracted our attention.

Outwith time spent watching films, where I spend most of my time is in the Parish and the Church.

The Church at this time is remembering the events of what lead up to and is described as Holy Week.

The time we share together through reflection the journey Jesus made as he journeyed towards the cross.

If this journey was ever to be considered as part of a film preview, it could be well described as a very thought-provoking experience and it is very much more than that.

The story leads to a most compelling experience when we consider it is not filled with misleading scenes, but rather with true recollections of the journey Jesus made leading up to the time when, acknowledging his death and resurrection, everyone can celebrate Easter.

In the churches situated all around us, many will, in their own unique way, recall the scene of Jesus as he approached Jerusalem, remembering Jesus surprised many people as he rode into the city on a colt.

Jesus did not come, as many people expected him to, using his power in a violent way in this troubled land, but chose rather to enter the city humbly and peacefully.

Jesus turned the minds of those around him so much, they were heard to say: “Who is he?” The people expected to see someone else, a warrior king, perhaps.

They never imagined that Jesus from Nazareth in Galilee would very soon turn all their thoughts around as they day by day witnessed his actions and learnt Jesus was God’s Son.

Jesus’ entry to that Holy City gave a preview which portrayed the full picture of his story.

A story of a man who would speak up for people who had no voice in their society, someone who sought justice for those who were suffering injustice and, at all times, lived his life in a way that encouraged all people to follow his example in their daily living.

Wherever you may travel this Sunday to recall the journey Jesus made for our sake, go in the knowledge that the full story does indeed portray a picture that you will always want to remember and never, ever forget.