Every day’s a national something day ...

Did you celebrate National Pie Week?
Did you celebrate National Pie Week?

By Fiona Dobie

When was the first ‘national week’?

Absolutely everything is covered including health, food, hobbies and things that are just for fun

You know the ones I mean, these days it seems that every week is some sort of nation wide celebration of, well something.

For example, I believe this week is actually National Pie Week.

We’ve already had National Chip Week, Bramley Apple Week and National Marriage Week this year.

And with 43 weeks left to go until the end of 2015 there are still a lot of national weeks for us to get through before it’s a new year and the cycle starts all over again.

A quick online search shows the vast number of these celebration and awareness weeks that are now taking place around the country throughout the year.

Some of them I understand completely in terms of charities trying to raise awareness of the work they do.

And a number of the weeks that exist do just that, raising vital awareness and funds for charity, which is fantastic.

But then there are others, mainly food related, that I struggle with to a certain extent because surely these foods are available all year round and are enjoyed by people around the UK every day and not just on a special ‘week’.

National Pie Week is a great example of one of these weeks, followed very closely by chip week, curry week and British sandwich week.

Different organisations host the likes of ‘National Baking Week’ and ‘National Gardening Week’, but to me these are hobbies that do not need celebrated in a special way. The celebration of such pastimes comes from people across the country, in fact, across the world, participating in the activities of that particular hobby throughout the whole 12 months of the year.

Then there are some that just sound a little bit odd but bring a smile to the face, for example Be Nice to Nettles Week (that’s in May) and Two Left Feet Week.

Of course, it’s not just weeks that are special celebrations. There are countless ‘days’ now too.

Absolutely everything is covered including health, food, hobbies and things that are just for fun.

And it’s not just here in the UK, there are days for everything in the United States too. A couple that jump out at me from the American calendar include Bubblewrap Appreciation Day, National Tap Dance Day and National Dress Up Your Pet Day.

Although as I’m sure you can tell I’m not a huge fan of these days, there are a few I do like the sound of – International Talk Like a Pirate Day, National Pi Day (as in the mathematical Pi, 3.14) and National Doodle Day.

So with all these different weeks, days and even a few months do you think it’s possible that one person could embark on a challenge to spend an entire year doing activities related to a national or international day, week or month?

I’m talking all 365 days doing something different to mark as many of the celebratory and awareness days/weeks/months as possible.

Anyone interested in finding out if this could actually be done?