Faith can help to repair our divisions

Rev Peter Carr
Rev Peter Carr

Well, the referendum dust has settled over the land (or has it?).

Just three months ago, we were at the peak of the whole debate with the result imminent.

It is not my intention to get political in this column; I am very happy to leave that to the letters page.

However, it is an opportunity to bring a God perspective.

Many of us were (are) disappointed to see the division the referendum has brought to our small nation. It may well take many years for that division to heal (if at all).

However, such division should not really surprise us when we realise the deep divisions that already exist at all levels of our society.

Tuning into the House of Commons debates soon shows the deeply entrenched divisions that exist between political rivals.

Often, their exchanges seem more akin to what is witnessed in most playgrounds on a school day!

Attend the average SPL football game and you can soon be caught in the crossfire of a slanging match between rival fans (not unique to the SPL only!).

The simple fact is that, where there are people, we often find divisions – in the workplace, between neighbours, even churches are not immune. Why?

Well, the bible (God’s word) has the answers to humanity’s ills.

The problem now is far too many in our country are quick to dismiss the bible as outdated and irrelevant.

Yet we read in Job 5: 7 “…man is born to trouble as surely as sparks fly upwards”.

The bible exposes the human condition, warts ‘n’ all. Maybe that is why it is not so popular!

Sin is the root problem. That is why there is division between people and God, as well as among people.

But, thankfully, as well as exposing the problem, the bible also offers the solution – Jesus Christ.

It is during the advent season that we focus on Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace (Isa 9: 6). The one who can and will establish peace in our hearts in this troubled world, if we will turn to Him, trusting Him as our Saviour and Lord.

Yes, we are born to trouble. We live in a troubled and divided world and society.

But a God-given peace is only a prayer a way, if we will end hostilities with our Creator God through trusting His Son Jesus as our Prince of Peace now and forever.

What our nation needs most of all is not more political powers, but to get back on our knees before our God and Creator and give Him His rightful place at home, work, parliament, etc.

Then and only then will we know His peace and blessing. Let us start now by putting Christ back into Christmas in the coming week!

Jesus is the reason for the season :)