Festival fun in Aberdour

Lorna Reid
Lorna Reid
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John Murray on the shows by the seaside in annual festival

Festival season continues this weekend with Aberdour Festival with acclaimed jazz vocalist Lorna Reid at Woodside Hotel on Sunday from 2.00 p.m.

Lorna will be singing some cool jazz standards from her large repertoire and performing tracks from her current album Falling Like Dew. Billed as the Lounge Sessions her trio has Ewan Stevenson and Konrad Wiszneiskwi. Tickets are £8 and includes a cream tea.

Under the ‘whatever happened to’ categories must be The Corrs who seemed to have it all.

Big shows, great musicians and a photogenic family connection that enhanced the Irish inheritance and melodic songs.

Sharon Corr never wanted to stop and was keen to pursue her own identity in music and next month her second album continues her quest some four years after the first venture.

She will always be naturally compared to the former band who after all lasted 15 years and 45 million album sales.

Hits like What Can I Do?, Runaway, So Young, Breathless are just some of which became part of the whole stadium circuit as Jim and his sisters grew up and then grew apart – at least musically.

Now married with two children she can still tear heart strings with her balladry on Raindrops and with just piano on Christmas Night yet her first single from the album (Just A Minute out now) has a sweet innocence about it like how Karen Carpenter would approach a song.

The Runaround however has shades of Stevie Nicks within a Fleetwood Mac framework.

She co-writes all the songs here, plays piano, violin (of course) and all backing vocals.