First Person - with Fiona Purnell

Fiona Purnell, Fife Free Press
Fiona Purnell, Fife Free Press

Well, Her Majesty the Queen is a very lucky lady isn’t she?

Only a matter of weeks after the country and Commonwealth hosted celebrations for her diamond jubilee - you remember, all those boats on the Thames and that concert outside Buck’ Palace - she’s having more celebrations in her name.

This time it was for her birthday, or should I say her official birthday, since she’s also lucky enough to have two of these special days each and every year.

Central London came to a standstill for a time on Saturday for the annual Trooping of the Colour to mark the occasion.

Is it safe to assume that that’s it and Her Majesty won’t have any more major celebrations planned in her honour for the rest of the year?

Surely we’ve seen and heard enough about the Royal family in the last 12-18 months going back to the run up to THAT wedding.

Still no word on any kids making an appearance in that part of the family yet, but it’s likely only a matter of time.

As much as I’m feeling rather jubilee-d out,after what seemed like never ending coverage on television, the whole occasion brought a number of thoughts to mind.

It really is incredible when you think how long she has been on throne - 60 years is a tremendous achievement.

Another world

She began her reign when she was just 25 years old, younger than I am now and she’s known nothing different since that day in 1952.

It’s strange to think of a life like the one she’s known, it’s something out of another world.

The majority of you reading this will be like me and know nothing different other than the Queen being our head of state.

But it will be strange when she is no longer our monarch - not that I’m wishing for that to happen anytime soon.

I hope she will continue

in that position for a while to come and at least for another three years so she can bypass Queen Victoria’s record as the country’s longest reigning monarch.

But to think once the day comes when a new royal is crowned King it will be strange.

Whether it will be King Charles or King William we’ll have to wait and see.

Whichever one is crowned, a lot of things will change, things I hadn’t really given that much thought before.

We’ll be singing ‘God Save the King’; stamps will feature a man, as will all our coins and banknotes.


It’s easy enough to change the anthem - it’s only changing a word here and there, but when it comes to the money what happens then?

Do they recall every coin in circulation, melt them down and reproduce them with the image of the king? Is that even possible, I don’t know.

And if it is possible, surely it would be an expensive business?

The Royal cypher - EIIR - on post boxes in England will no longer appear either as it will change too, becoming suitable for a King.

Of course, I’m sure everything will be fine and these sorts of changes have been done countless times before when there’s a changeover in the monarchy, but for the younger generations it’s a whole new situation to see how it works when it does actually happen.

We’ve only known Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip fulfilling the important roles.

Given the way things are going, it looks unlikely that those currently in line for the throne will get the chance to reign for as long as the Queen as by the time they get into the ‘hot seat’ so to speak, they’ll be too old to still have 60 odd years ahead of them.