From Beatles to bras ...

Paul McCabe
Paul McCabe

Having failed, despite holding a series of meetings with Mrs M and coming up with a hefty list of differing scenarios, to come up with an adequate child care solution that would allow us both to go and see The Bootleg Beatles at the Alhambra last Friday, we finally decided that there was only one thing for it.

One of them was going instead of her mum, whether she liked it or not.

So off I went to see a band performing songs, some of which are now over 50 years old, with a teenager who dismisses anything with a guitar in it that’s sung by a male as “old man music”. This was going to be tough.

In the end, it turned out she rather enjoyed it and there was no tutting or eye rolling of any kind, only a complaint that the arm waving during ‘Hey Jude‘, “invaded my personal bubble”.

So would she now choose to listen to The Beatles by herself? “Depends”.

At least it wasn’t a “no” I suppose.

On the way home from the aforementioned gig we took a detour along Chestnut Avenue to see the bras which have been strung along the street in support of resident Angela Taylor, who is soon to undergo an operation for breast cancer, and to raise awareness of the disease.

We were both quite amazed, it really is an incredible sight, and her younger sister has been talking about it all week.

So I was really quite angry when I heard that someone had anonymously complained, saying the sight of a bra was “offensive”.

Happily the issue has been resolved, Fife Council has seen sense and this absurd protest was rightly binned.

Well done to everyone involved and the best wishes of all at the FFP go to Angela.