From the Rev Isabel Dowlen, minister of St Michael’s & All Angels, Elie, and St John the Evangelist, Pittenweem

The  Rev Isabel Dowlen
The Rev Isabel Dowlen

Dear friends, once again we have come round to what for many is holiday season.

For some it means rest and relaxation but, for many of us living in such a beautiful area, it means entertaining guests and making it possible for our friends and relatives to enjoy their break and their time with us.

We all need that quiet space and the opportunity to fill it with beauty.

So often our Lord emphasised the beauty of nature.

It gives us the opportunity to listen to our hearts and find and enjoy those things in life that are really important to us.

This prayer shares this sentiment

Lord, help us to make time

time to sit quietly, moving into your presence;

time to pray in gratitude for all we have and for all you have done;

time to bring to you all those needs and concerns that keep us awake at night.

Lord, help us to make time

time to see the beauty of the world and the skills and

talents of its people;

time to spare for others who need a listening ear or a word

of encouragement;

time to work for the kingdom that we pray will come.

Lord you have given us a lifetime of time

Help us to make time. Brian Hudson

Happy holiday season to all

Love, grace and peace