Fun and Games

Dawn Renton
Dawn Renton

By Dawn Renton

The Commonwealth Games have certainly been a huge talking point and people from all over Fife took part in the opening ceremony.

I was lucky enough to have a jaunt through to Methil to meet Freddie the Scottie dog who, along with his owner Peter, was part of the best-loved acts at the ceremony. He looked very smart in his specially made jacket and all the attention didn’t seem to phase him at all despite being a minor celebrity now!

I can use this whole column just by telling you how cute Freddie was and how tempted I was to take him home with me!

I also spoke to a Highland dancer and one of the now infamous dancing Tea Cakes. All in a day’s work here at FFP HQ!

Celebrations: It was also my lovely mum’s birthday this week as well. The family got together for great food and to shower her with gifts which included tickets to go see the Jersey Boys stage show at the Playhouse in Edinburgh from yours truly.

We’re also heading to see the film when it comes to the Adam Smith Theatre later this month and to see Goldfinger as part of the film festival since she’s such a fan of Sean Connery.

Vintage darlin’: I know it’s been on for a number of weeks now, but this is the first time that I managed to sit down and watch This Old Thing on Channel 4. Presenter Dawn O’Porter tries to convince us that vintage is the way to go. The prices are a bit eye-watering in the show but she also has her own collection online and in store at Beyond Retro in Camden, London. Which incidentally, is my spiritual home. So now, of course, I’ve been spending my evenings trawling the store’s website.

So if you see someone shimmying about town looking like a time traveller from the 1960s, look no further than this here reporter.

This week: Re-read the book ‘Darker Than The Deepest Sea’ for the 100th time which is a biography about folk singer Nick Drake. Heartbreakingly good.