Game For Vultures by Michael Hartmann

Game for Vultures
Game for Vultures
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Recommended by Ralph Mellon

There was ‘Golden Rendezvous’ by Alistair MacLean, Daniel Carney’s ‘The Wild Geese’ – and another to be mangled by Hollywood was this very fine tale, set among bush warfare in Rhodesia (before it was Zimbabwe).

Smuggler David Swansey enters a government-backed, sanctions-busting deal for 50 ex-army helicopters, which could be very powerful in the fight against black African nationalists. Fellow protagonist, with whom author Hartmann has most sympathy, is Gideon Marunga, an intelligent veteran freedom fighter still with some dignity amid all the savagery surrounding him. The helicopters would also be very useful to him and his guerillas. Extremism, honour, corruption, racism and brutal violence all loom heavily in this briskly-paced, exciting tale. The 1979 film is to be avoided at all costs but there ought to be a place for Hartmann’s novel on your bookshelves.