Getting set for an online Christmas

Fiona Dobie
Fiona Dobie

By Fiona Dobie

Every year I tell myself that I won’t let Christmas sneak up on me.

And every year I fail and it does just that.

It’s hard to believe that in just 28 days it will be all over again for another year.

I used to love the build up to Christmas, but in recent years it’s been getting a bit too much with the shops full of festive goodies from the end of August onwards.

By the time the season of goodwill actually comes around I’m pretty fed up of all the tinsel and sparkle and I can’t wait for the festive tunes to stop playing in the shops.

That’s why I’ve decided that this year the majority of my shopping is being done online.

Forget the hustle and bustle of the shops as the weeks get closer and closer to December 25, I’ll be clicking the mouse on the computer in the comfort of my own home (possibly even with a wee glass of wine in hand).

This weekend saw the start of me thinking about what to buy the family...I’ll probably still be thinking about it come the final online ordering days before Christmas and panicking whether it will arrive on time!

Festive trip: It seems that everything is sneaking up on me at the moment.

It was an email in my inbox that alerted me to the fact my annual holiday to a European Christmas market is now fairly close.

Having booked it back in the summer it seemed so far away, but now it’s almost upon us (I’ve already done the online check in for the flight) I’d best get brushing up on my Danish (where would I start?) and reading the guide book.

Perhaps the festive lights of Copenhagen (I’m told it’s a wonderful place) will help me enjoy the festive build up once again...