Hair today... long tomorrow...

Dawn Renton
Dawn Renton

By Dawn Renton

Way back in October, I made the somewhat catastrophic decision to get my long blonde locks (see above) all chopped off into a long bob. I liked it for about a week.

Now, don’t get me wrong, my lovely hairdresser worked her magic as per usual but it just wasn’t me. Extension time thought I! I have been fitted for them and can’t wait to have them put in to give me long swishy hair once again!

Time will tell what they will be like as I’m a completely rubbish girl and they need a lot of looking after...

Bookworm: Also this week, I decided to make a cull of my books. Having over 300 borders on a mobile library.

I do have a rather eclectic mix of books I have to say.

From biographies of Joe Strummer and Humphrey Bogart, all of Stephen King’s novels, every single book written about my beloved Rolling Stones and everything in between. There is something for everyone!

So, over the weekend, I painstakingly went through them all and sorted them into piles of those that I would keep and those that I would give away to charity.

Despite my pile making I threw out not one book! No surprise there really!

I just could not part with any of them. But it did let see what ones I had in my collection but had long forgotten about - a first edition of the works of Vincent Van Gogh no less!

A waste of a Sunday afternoon? Perhaps, but that is exactly what lazy Sundays are for.

Birthday party: It will soon be my nephew Aedan’s second birthday, bless his wee cotton socks. Community centre hall filled with hyperactive two-year- olds hyped on sugar anyone?!