Happy memories of lazy days in the sun

Debbie Clarke
Debbie Clarke

by Debbie Clarke

Well I have to say it is about time - summer time that is!

I was beginning to think we would be skipping a season this year but I am delighted to say that finally warmer weather has arrived in Fife.

I was hoping to bring some sunshine back with me from Majorca and although it took a few days, the sun finally shone through.

You always wonder if a holiday will live up to all the expectations you have and I have to say this one did.

We felt the heat as soon as we left the airport and headed for the coach which was taking us to our hotel in Santa Ponsa and from that day on, it was glorious sunshine.

It is a great feeling waking up every morning opening the curtains and being greeted by warm sunny rays.

You certainly can’t guarantee that in Scotland! It was nice just to enjoy a relaxing holiday.

I have been used to city breaks over the last few years and so having a more chilled out break this year was most welcome.

While we were in Santa Ponsa we found a lot of the little places we loved were still there - years after our last visit!

One of them is a little Italian cafe/ice cream parlour called Milano Gelateria.

Not only were the cappuccinos really nice - giving you a great caffeine buzz to start the day - but the ice cream was absolutely delicious.

There was a huge range of flavours to choose from - from your regular ones like strawberry, chocolate and vanilla to the more unusual like Kinder and Ferrero Rocher.

The beach cafe bars we loved were also still there.

You can’t beat having a cocktail while watching the sun setting, it was bliss.

However that’s it all over for another year, I just have to start planning the next holiday!