Heart of the Matter - Rev Alan Sharp, Burntisland Parish Church

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Jesus was more than a Prophet, a Messiah so uncompromisingly radical that the religious traditionalists rejected Him, abused Him and had Him crucified. And even on the cross, He changed the fundamental relationship between God and humanity, and transformed even death by taking away its power, then He broke all the rules by rising from the dead.

Then God gave the Holy Spirit to the church. Imagine a man with a traditional house in Dick Crescent. Then one day an army of builders descends on the house - lorries full of bricks and concrete and timber, cement mixers moving like a squad of tanks, huge cranes, wrecking balls - it’s obviously an episode of ‘Grand Designs’ - it’s going to be a five storey house in the shape of a giant chicken with a huge bathroom inspired by a carwash...

Well, God has given us the Holy Spirit, the one who moved upon the face of the waters at the beginning of creation, the one who came upon Jesus at His baptism, the mighty power by which God raised up Jesus from the dead is at work in us. The Spirit is given for the purposes of God. The Holy Spirit is the most powerful, transformational and unpredictable force in the universe.

We are not a static monument to a dead god, we are the living God’s Grand Design, He constantly remakes us to serve His purpose.