Heart of the Matter - with Rev. Rosemary Frew, Abbotshall Church

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The other day I heard someone say, ‘Have you looked in the messy drawer?’ and I laughed.

I’m sure we’ve all got a messy drawer – the drawer that you struggle to shut where keys, scissors, sticky tape, take-away leaflets, all sorts of things find a home.

I’m also sure we’ve all got a place where we keep postcards, invitations, newspaper cuttings, photos, newsletters from schools and clubs, allsorts – the mantelpiece, the fridge door, a pinboard….or the messy drawer!

In church the other week I was encouraging my congregation to use these cards, photos, newsletters and invitations as starters for prayer.

Giving thanks for the beautiful world we live in, praying for family and friends, remembering those celebrating good news and those coping with bad news, asking God’s blessing on events and activities that are coming up.

So, don’t think of it as clutter, think of it as a prayer guide!