Heart of the Matter - with Reverend Alan Sharp, Burntisland Parish Church

We can do it! And we can do it well!

That’s certainly one thing that we have learned from the Olympics!

Despite the fault finding, and the cynicism of some parts of the press (but not our wonderful Fife Free Press), the games were fantastic - even folks like me that never watch sport were sucked in.

The venues, security, the volunteers all excellent, the performance of team GB was amazing - 29 golds! Athletes from all over the world gave outstanding performances.

The opening and closing ceremonies were brilliant, crazy fun.

The message is clear- let’s gets rid of the clouds of pessimism, cynicism and the dour miserable long suffering that seem to infect us.

No one is born to fail, we are God’s children, God seriously loves us and we can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens us.

And if you can’t quite believe that then at least, always, always look on the bright side of life! (goes off whistling...)