Heart of the Matter - with Robert Hughes, Church of Christ

The recent Jubilee celebrations bring to mind a previous celebration. Towards the end of WW2 plans were made to celebrate the cessation of hostilities by having a national holiday. However, the plans did not include specific dates because no one knew when the day would come. It was a sort of rolling calendar which showed the holiday(s) to be taken if the hostilities were to end on a weekday.

The day arrived and the two day holiday took place. I however got it wrong and insisted that there was to be a one day holiday. On the second day, at my insistence, my mother got me ready for school as usual. I proceeded to walk to school but saw no one.

I kept saying to myself that when I turned the last corner there would be kids in the playground and the doors would be open and that the other kids would be chastised for their error.

It was not until I saw that the playground was empty and the doors were locked that I conceded that I was in the wrong and I had been behaving like a “know all”. The incident has remained with me and, hopefully, has made me a better person.

No one likes to be called a “know all”.

The Good Book says “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.”

“Know alls” beware.