How did all this happen? My story by John Bishop

How Did All This Happen?
How Did All This Happen?

Recommended by Debbie Clarke

I really like John Bishop. I think he is funny and was intrigued to find out more about him.

This will certainly be achieved through reading his autobiography: “How Did All This Happen?”.

He guides the reader through his life from when he was a young boy, growing up on a council estate, who dreamed of playing football for Liverpool to finding himself on stage in front of thousands of people years later.

We learn how he became one of the nation’s best-loved comedians as well as hearing about his travels across the globe on a shoestring to his marriage and kids.

This book is really good - it’s very interesting and packed full of colourful anecdotes which are guaranteed to make you smile. It is also very heart-warming and funny.

John Bishop comes across as a genuinely nice person and his stories are very entertaining.

It’s interesting to read how he ended up becoming a national treasure and finding he had a talent for making other people laugh. Anyone who is a fan of John Bishop will enjoy reading this book.