I’ll get green fingers yet!

Fiona Dobie
Fiona Dobie

By Fiona Dobie

Just as we all thought that spring had sprung and summer was finally on its way the weather seems to have turned once again.

Fingers crossed it doesn’t last too long as I’m keen to get back out in the garden.

This year I’ve decided to try and make use of the plot of land to the side of the house.

I’m going to attempt to grow some of my own veg - it’s a first for me since I was little and persuaded mum and dad to grow some garden peas and carrots.

I say carrots, but they were so small that there was nothing of them and they were a bit of a disaster. And as for the peas, they didn’t make it into a pan and onto the dinner plate with us breaking open the pods and eating them as we picked them.

I’m hoping that with a bit of TLC I’ll be able to nurture them to be a little bit bigger this time round.

And I’ve decided to try and grow some different veg this time - there are still carrots in the plan, but I’m also attempting to grow potatoes, onions, spinach and spring onions.

But if they don’t grow or do very well, I think the next plan may be a packet of grass seed and no vegetables next year.

Holiday planning: It’s now April, but I’ve finally got round to organising a holiday for this year. You might think that April’s not far into the year and there’s nothing wrong with booking your holiday then, but it’s extremely unusual for my husband and I not to have already planned trips for the whole year by this time.

The trouble this year was that we were struggling to agree on where we should go, but we’ve thankfully now reached a decision and the flights are booked. Istanbul here we come in a few months time - now we just have to sort out somewhere to stay!