I love watching men with odd shaped balls

Fiona Dobie
Fiona Dobie

Last Friday night saw the start of the most popular big sporting event in my house – the Rugby World Cup (RWC).

Although football is also enjoyed by Mr D, rugby is his real passion and so we’ve entered into the six week period that comes round every four years when the egg shaped ball is on the television whenever possible.

And I don’t mind at all, because for a change it’s a sport that I actually enjoy watching.

With the tournament taking place in England and Wales, Mr D and I are taking advantage of it being (more or less)on our doorstep and will be soaking up some of the RWC atmosphere as we venture south to take in a couple of games.

As I write this, Scotland have not yet begun their tournament, although by the time you read this that first match will be over.

Either Scotland will have defeated Japan, who put in an outstanding performance against South Africa at the weekend, or it will be looking less likely that Scotland will make it through to the quarter finals after suffering at the hands of the on fire Japanese team – please delete as appropriate.

It would be fantastic if Scotland could win the Webb Ellis Trophy, however let’s be honest, that’s extremely unlikely to happen.

Of course I’ll be supporting them, but when it comes to lifting the cup, I think that New Zealand are likely to do it once again.

World as one: One thing I love about rugby as a sport is that unlike in football, fans from both sides can sit alongside each other in the stands. There’s always a bit of banter, but that’s part of the whole experience, and everyone enjoys the match peacefully.