Ian Lowe: A fitting tribute to Margaret

Ian Lowe
Ian Lowe
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THIS summer, East Fife Ladies held the inaugural Margaret Wight Memorial seven-a-side tournament at the King George V playing fields.

It was a fitting tribute to Margaret, who had devoted much of her life to providing football opportunities for girls across Fife.

East Fife Ladies and East Fife Junior Community Sports Club are examples of how, by working together and sharing resources, clubs can start to provide football opportunities for all.

Through the work of Margaret and her partner Arthur Robertson, together with Liz Anderson, the club has grown so far that it has around 150 girls playing football.

On top of that, through the East Fife Junior Supporter’s Club and the work of the likes of Robert Cargill, Colin Cameron (and many more), the club has around another 200 boys regularly playing football.

Take on board the senior sides at New Bayview and you can see just how much impact a football club can have on a community.

The club has been recognised for its achievements by reaching Community status in our Quality Mark scheme – no mean feat – and is one of only 16 clubs in the East Region to do so. Quite rightly, the club is seen at the heart of the community and is a real champion for leading an active life.

The 16 young apprentices on the books at East Fife are to go through our Cashback Coach Education programme, which provides free coach education to those under 25 in return for a commitment to volunteering back into football.

The 16 are planning on coaching the younger teams within the East Fife CSC set-up and hopefully increasing the number even further.

Ian Lowe is the SFA east region manager and writes in the East Fife Mail.