In the community - we are lucky to have the choice

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Jumping into a foreign automobile early in the morning to negotiate an unknown route to an unfamiliar place, is almost more than a number 8 intensity nespresso can take in the morning.

Despite a 47 point turn to get out of the Kirkcaldy car park, a wheel spin around a cop car and a fumbling sat nav moment I arrived in Cupar only half dishevelled.

It is easy, while meandering along your usual route, to become complacent and frustrated as you ably anticipate each twist and turn, at those who meander slower than you, less sure of the road’s every nuance. My Monday journey reminded me of this and I endeavour to bear it in mind during future vexing vehicle moments. But I didn’t really want to talk about driving, I wanted to talk about my foray into Cupar.

What a delight it was! It is easy to see why the town scored gold at the recent Britain in Bloom competition.

Approaching the town with virgin eyes, the hustle and bustle of the centre is equally matched with its quaint and well-tended vistas. Scurrying around the streets and pends it was quite lovely to see a town that cares about its appearance.

It also gave me the chance to see the renovated war memorial, at the heart of the Cupar War Memorial story in this week’s Fife Herald, where much care, dedication and funds have been channelled into a project that serves to enrich our collective history and hopefully, inspire our collective future.

Whereas some people may feel indifferent, I annually find Remembrance a poignant day in the calendar, one that waivers between pride, when standing close to those I know on parade, and sorrow for those who have never returned to stand again with their comrades.

News from other parts of Fife in recent weeks have demonstrated that people are perhaps now choosing to support other causes and it is becoming less of a given that poppies are sold/worn countrywide during November.

It is important that we exercise our choice, after all, it was the freedom of choice through democracy that was fought and continues to be fought for. Although I disagree with a loss of respect for veterans, the very nature of past sacrifice is to allow people individual discretion.

I for one choose to support our forces and am looking forward to seeing our new neighbours, the Scots Dragoon Guards parade in all their regalia through the towns and villages of North East Fife, on Sunday.